Objectives of the Ministry of Finance, State of Osun

The objectives of Osun Ministry of Finance include;

  1. to advise the State Government on financial policy issues, designed to facilitate effective management of the resources of the State;
  2. to institute policy measures that will boost the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the State;
  3. to control the expenditure of all Government Ministries, Departments and to ensure compliance with the Financial Regulations and prudency in all public expenditure by all MDA’s of the Government;
  4. to monitor, control and manage all the external finances and international financial obligations of Government;
  5. to ensure strict adherence to financial Policies and Regulations, Public Finance Management, effective public debt management, regulation of internal and external borrowings of government;
  6. to manage and regulate fiscal policies of Government vis-a-vis the financial         institutions, insurance companies and Government  companies including equity participation and;
  7. to act as the Chief Financial Adviser to Government on all financial matters.

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